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Edition 3 Released!
Adding another 30 pages to this already jam packed book, Chuck's included more examples, added a section on ActiveX DLLs & controls and a bit about TCP/IP programming in VB - all in this lastest 3rd Edition!

If you want to learn Visual Basic, one of the best ways is to learn from a good book. Author Chuck Easttom has released his third edition of "Learning Visual Basic" which is available for FREE download from this site...

With almost 220 A4 pages, Chuck's book covers everything you need to get you started with VB, including the design environment, the controls, data controls, designing a database, data types, loops, arrays, simple API calling, classes, collections, simple COM, Crystal Reports, printing, ActiveX DLLs and controls and much more.

Throughout the book are lots of code examples to explain how things should be done as well as useful tips on concepts and the best way of doing things.

To download a free copy of Chucks book in Adobe PDF format, click to Download now - 2.6MB PDF