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Some of Microsoft's first attempts of putting information for the masses onto the Internet included something called "Knowledgebase" and this is still around many years later. It basically consists for hundreds of pages of information, how-tos, bugs, fixes and other useful snips of information on all of Microsofts products. Click on a heading below to jump to the appropriate section, or scroll down.

Windows CE Databases COM, ActiveX, DLL
Windows API Network/DUN/RAS VB Itself
Multimedia Windows Desktop Miscellaneous

Windows CE/H/PCs

  • Q194837 - HOWTO: Distribute a Visual Basic Windows CE Application.
  • Q192459 - INFO: VBCE Unsupported Controls, Properties, Methods, and Events.
  • Q186859 - INFO: Overview of the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Basic 5.0

    Database Articles

  • Q149054 - Info: Choosing an rdoResultset Cursortype
  • Q166392 - How to Use "DSN-Less" ODBC Connections with RDO
  • Q172882 - How to Handle RDO 2.0 Asynchronous Processing WithEvents
  • Q172406 - What ADO components are needed to distribute

    COM, OLE, DLL, ActiveX and Related Articles

  • Q186342 - How to create a 3-Tier App using VB, MTS and SQL Server
  • Q181854 - FILE: Vbc.exe Fixes VB 5.0 Control Installation Problem
  • Q161837 - How to Create a DCOM Client/Server Application
  • Q138062 - How to Specify the Base Address of a VB OLE Server DLL
  • Q170918 - How to Use ShellExecute to Launch Associated File (32-bit)
  • Q129796 - How To Determine If shell process is finished

    WINAPI Articles

  • Q187674 - How to Find Undocumented Constants Used by Windows API Functions
  • Q190000 - How to Get Started Programming With the Windows API
  • Q165942 - How to Write Data to a File Using WriteFile API

    Networking/RAS/DUN Articles

  • Q175472 - How to get a network adapter address
  • Q151774 - How to GetNetUserInfo in VB
  • Q173011 - How to add and remove network connections
  • Q150948 - Using Win32 RAS Functions from Visual Basic 32-Bit

    VB Itself

  • Q113945 - How to read Windows "Registered to" & "Registered company" details
  • Q149429 - What Is an OCA file?
  • Q152582 - What is an FRX file?
  • Q175450 - Info: Visual Basic 5.0 Fixes in Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3
  • Q167121 - Common Controls COMCTL132.ZIP - Update to 5.00.3828
  • Q172270 - How to certify a VB app for the Windows Logo Programme

    Multimedia Articles

  • Q147811 - How to Detect If Computer Has Sound Card That Plays Wave Audio
  • Q147654 - How to Get or Create a Unique Audio CD Volume Label

    Desktop/Windows Environment Articles

  • Q161299 - How to Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or any Window
  • Q154868 - How to block CTRL+ALT+DEL in Windows 95
  • Q154576 - How to Write to the NT Event Log from Visual Basic
  • Q118819 - How to Tell Whether an App Runs in VB Design Environment
  • Q142816 - How to Make ENTER Key Move Focus Like TAB Key for VB Controls
  • Q161299 - How to Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or any Window
  • Q140885 - How to copy the desktop into a picture box
  • Q151799 - How To Use the Animated Copy Functions in Windows 95
  • Q146907 - How To Create a Screen Saver in Visual Basic
  • Q149276 - Using icons with the Windows system tray
  • Q142820 - How to terminate Windows from a VB program
  • Q161136 - How to shutdown Windows NT/95
  • Q175222 - How to tell if a user-control is in runtime
  • Q154005 - How to delete a file to the recycle bin
  • Q188217 - How to print the contents of a web browser control in VB
  • Q189249 - How to determine which 32 bit version of Windows is running
  • Q186908 - How to determine When Your Application Gains or Loses Focus
  • Q165919 - How to Use the Windows 95/98 Copy and Recycle Functions in VB
  • Q185733 - How to Limit a Window's Minimum and Maximum Size
  • Q185883 - How to Extract an Icon from a Windows Program


  • Q186342 - How to create a 3-Tier App using VB, MTS and SQL Server
  • Q154009 - How to set the system time
  • Q154008 - How to determine the type of a drive
  • Q143274 - How to Retrieve Printer Name from Windows 95 Registry in VB
  • Q185476 - How to search directories to find or list files
  • Q168795 - How to Hook Into a Window's Messages Using AddressOf
  • Q162718 - How to Prepare Visual Basic Applications for the Year 2000
  • Q190775 - INFO: Installation Requirements for Visual Basic 6.0